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Shops in Santiago de Compostela is the place to do shopping in Galicia. Whether your are looking for a special present or something for you we help with some suggestions and ideas.

What are you looking for? Find here the right shop in Santiago de Compostela to buy whatever you want. Whether you are looking for sales stores in the new part of Santiago or a small shop in the old town this is your services and commercial directory to go shopping in the capital of Galicia.

Some of them we know quite well. For example, Como Pez en el Agua or Media Lúa are shops where it is possible to buy handmade products with an unique design and high quality materials. We recommend them. It worths a visit. But there are more...

Rei Zentolo sells original and full ironic T-shirts designed in Pontevedra. Galeria de Sargadelos offers typical and traditional china from Galicia since 19th century. If you want to buy some vegan or healthy good food a Eira is your store. In Catering Almirez you will enjoy read to eat food and take a way dishes. It is also possible to buy high quality wine or some delicatessen.

In A Reixa shop you will discover music, clothes, garments and accessories from London and the States, mainly from the 60's and 70's musical and cultural movements. There is as well a night club called A Reixa, which belongs to the same owner, and where people from Santiago use to go to have the first, or the second, drink early at night.

Fair trade products are as well present in the city. In Panxea or Amarante you can buy coffee, chocolate, toys or clothes from third world cooperatives certified by Fair Trade international associations.

In the wholesale food market there is an authentic and original bakery to buy good bread made in Galicia. They have rye, wheat or corn breads. This market is as well a great opportunity to enjoy the welcoming atmosphere and buy other nice products like fresh fish, augardente, a kind of eau-de-vie spirit, sold by old women besides honey, peppers and other grocery products. Really nice place.


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Bus routes to Santiago de Compostela

Route durationOperators Daily routes First arrivalLast arrivalfrom
Bratislava - Santiago de Compostela 1d 19h 25mExportbus106:5506:55260 €
Ettelbruck - Santiago de Compostela 1d 07h 15mExportbus217:3017:30150 €
Sa Carneiro - Santiago de Compostela 02h 50mExportbus412:5020:2034 €
Coimbra - Santiago de Compostela 08h 30mExportbus118:1518:1545 €
León - Santiago de Compostela 06h 15mInterurbana de Autocares122:4522:4531 €
Martigny-Ville - Santiago de Compostela 1d 00h 15mExportbus1013:4513:45140 €
Burgos - Santiago de Compostela 07h 45mInterurbana de Autocares301:3013:4543 €
Zaragoza - Santiago de Compostela 11h 05mRutas del Cantábrico202:3004:0559 €
Angoulême - Santiago de Compostela 15h 10mExportbus117:5517:5588 €
Lugo - Santiago de Compostela 02h 15mInterurbana de Autocares500:3522:4513 €
Ponferrada - Santiago de Compostela 03h 15mInterurbana de Autocares1000:1522:4519 €
Barcelona Sants - Santiago de Compostela 15h 00mRutas del Cantábrico406:5008:3078 €
Betanzos - Santiago de Compostela 01h 20mInterurbana de Autocares213:2022:457 €
Baiona - Santiago de Compostela 13h 50mInterurbana de Autocares308:1513:3572 €
Aachen - Santiago de Compostela 1d 01h 45mExportbus118:0018:00100 €
Guitiriz - Santiago de Compostela 01h 55mInterurbana de Autocares313:2022:4510 €
Braga - Santiago de Compostela 04h 04mExportbus414:0023:5934 €
Givors - Santiago de Compostela 23h 20mInterurbana de Autocares311:1511:15136 €
Conthey - Santiago de Compostela 1d 05h 45mExportbus317:3017:30157 €
Sion - Santiago de Compostela 1d 01h 00mExportbus117:1517:15145 €
Lisbon - Santiago de Compostela 08h 45mAlsa220:4521:0056 €
Leiria - Santiago de Compostela 09h 30mExportbus118:1518:1545 €
Luxembourg - Santiago de Compostela 1d 06h 00mExportbus217:3017:30150 €
Le Cannet - Santiago de Compostela 1d 00h 46mExportbus112:5512:55140 €
Narbonne - Santiago de Compostela 18h 01mExportbus106:1006:1090 €
Zamora - Santiago de Compostela 05h 00mDainco213:4022:4025 €
Andorra - Santiago de Compostela 16h 00mAutocares Lazara210:0012:3570 €
Motril - Santiago de Compostela 14h 15mNex Continental200:3509:0069 €
* This information is for orientation purposes. Use our search feature to check the most current list of routes/excursions.

Bus routes from Santiago de Compostela

Route durationOperators Daily routes First departureLast departurefrom
Santiago de Compostela - Paderborn 09h 30mExportbus411:3021:00179 €
Santiago de Compostela - Valença 03h 00mAlsa114:4514:4526 €
Santiago de Compostela - Baralla 02h 50mInterurbana de Autocares308:0021:3015 €
Santiago de Compostela - Chambéry 1d 03h 15mExportbus214:1514:15118 €
Santiago de Compostela - Faro 12h 30mExportbus112:0012:0065 €
Santiago de Compostela - Algeciras 18h 20mDainco214:3014:4534 €
Santiago de Compostela - Stuttgart 1d 07h 21mExportbus112:0012:00137 €
Santiago de Compostela - Porto 04h 49mExportbus1108:1519:1034 €
Santiago de Compostela - Tarbes 13h 10mExportbus104:0004:0090 €
Santiago de Compostela - Lugo 02h 15mInterurbana de Autocares807:0021:3013 €
Santiago de Compostela - Ponferrada 03h 20mInterurbana de Autocares1007:0021:3019 €
Santiago de Compostela - Angers 21h 15mInterurbana de Autocares211:3011:30113 €
Santiago de Compostela - Coimbrã 05h 45mAlsa112:0012:0051 €
Santiago de Compostela - Salamanca 07h 05mDainco202:0015:0034 €
Santiago de Compostela - Betanzos 01h 20mInterurbana de Autocares408:0021:307 €
Santiago de Compostela - Lille 23h 50mExportbus314:3014:30122 €
Santiago de Compostela - Baiona 11h 25mExportbus405:4505:4574 €
Santiago de Compostela - Fátima 07h 15mExportbus112:0012:0045 €
Santiago de Compostela - Madrid Barajas 08h 50mInterurbana de Autocares410:0023:5947 €
Santiago de Compostela - Astorga 04h 15mAutocares Castilla Leon121:1021:1024 €
Santiago de Compostela - Differdange 1d 04h 30mExportbus211:3011:30150 €
Santiago de Compostela - Irun 13h 00mInterurbana de Autocares209:0018:0068 €
Santiago de Compostela - Villafranca del Bierzo 02h 50mInterurbana de Autocares405:3022:4021 €
Santiago de Compostela - Burgos 07h 50mInterurbana de Autocares409:4517:0043 €
Santiago de Compostela - Guitiriz 01h 45mInterurbana de Autocares508:0021:3010 €
Santiago de Compostela - Andorra 18h 00mAutocares Lazara112:0012:0070 €
* This information is for orientation purposes. Use our search feature to check the most current list of routes/excursions.


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  • Reference:eurostars-araguaney

    Eurostars Araguaney has an art gallery, an outdoor swimming pool, gym and sauna. It offers spacious rooms with free WiFi, and flat-screen TVs.

    Reference: eurostars-araguaney
  • Reference:nh-collection-santiago-de-compostela

    This design hotel is in a quiet area, a 13-minute walk from Obradoiro Square and the Cathedral. It offers free WiFi, an indoor swimming pool, and a seasonal outdoor swimming pool.

    Reference: nh-collection-santiago-de-compostela
  • 636 404 909

    Calzada de San Pedro nº4 2

  • Technical features of the vehicle:5 doors, Diesel-Motor, 5 Occupants, Air ConditioningAverage Fuel Consumption of the vehicle:6 liter / 100 kmCO2 Emissions130 gr/ kmYou will appreciate the comfort and...

  • Technical features of the vehicle:5 Occupants, Boot Capacity x 3 persons, 2/4 doors, manual gears, Diesel-Motor. Car with air conditioningCO2 Emissions: 148 gr/kmCar 's Fuel Consumption: 5.5 liter/100...

  • Technical features of the vehicleUp to 5 occupants, luggage room for 3 persons, 2/4 doors, Manual gears and air condition. Average fuel consumption 4,2 liter/ 100 kilometersC02 Car Emissions142.0 gr/kmRenting...

    Santiago de Compostela

  • Vehicle's information:5 Occupants, Boot luggage capacity x 4 persons, Manual gears, air conditioningFuel Consumption:7 liter/ 100 kmCO2 Emissions190 gr/kmWith this car you will be able to travel in...

  • Technical features of the car Seat Altea:5 doors, turbo-diesel motor, up to 5 occupants, air conditionerAverage fuel consumption: 4.5 liter / 100 KmCO2 Emissions 119 gr / km Renting a car is may be the...

  • Technical features of the vehicle:8 Occupants, room for luggage, 4 doors, manual transmision (gears) and air conditioningSimilar cars to rent:Fiat Scudo 8 seater, Mercedes Vito 8 Seater or Ford Tourneo...

  • It the perfect van to rent if you need a rental car in Santiago de Compostela to discover in group the outskirts of this city and the rest of Galicia.Technical features of the vehicle:Average fuel consumption...

  • Technical features of the vehicle:5 doors, Up to 7 Occupants, boot, Diesel and Gas Motors.Average Fuel Consumption of the vehicle:Diesel 5.5 liter / 100 kilometerCO2 Emissions 143 gr / kmSeat Alambra is...

  • Technical features of the rental car:Tourism, 4 doors, fuel motor (not Diesel), 4 occupantsFuel consumption: 4.8 liters / 100 kilometersC02 Emissions:140 gr / kmRent a car in Santiago de Compostela. Hyundai...

  • Technical information of the vehicleVehicle Data5 Passengers, 4 Baggage, 5 Doors, manual gearbox, Air Conditioning, DieselFuel consumption5.8 liters / 100 kmCO2 Emission188.0 g / kmRenault Scenic is ideal...

  • +34 881 997 565

    Rúa de San Roque nº 2

  • + 34 981 576 252

    Area Central, loc. 28 Q - 1º planta Zona: Fontiñas

  • +34 981 566 720

    Ruá de San Pedro, nº69 Bajo

  • +34 981 543 122

    Rúa Presidente Salvador Allende, n. 4 baixo

  • +34 981 543 109

    Pazo de Raxoi, 1-Bajo

  • +34 981 542321

    Pazo de Raxoi, baixo. Entrada pola rúa Costa do Cristo

  • +34 981542490

    Rúa de Carlos Maside, núm. 7

  • +34 981 528 740

    Praza Aurelio Aguirre n. 1- Conxo

  • +34 981 543001

    Frei Rosendo Salvado 14-16, bajo

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