Apostle Santiago Santiago de Compostela | Galicia | Spain

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The Apostle Santiago

The apostle Santiago baptized with its grave Santiago de Compostela

Santiago was the son of the fisherman Zebedeus and Salome. His younger brother was the youngster John. Jesus gave the two brothers, accordingly to their enthusiasm, the nickname 'Boanerges'-'Thundersons' (Mark evangelist 3, 17).

Santiago was one of the youngsters chosen, with his brother and Peter, to be present at the Gethsemane garden during Jesus enlightenment and death anguish. The tradition says, he preached, after Whitsun, the Evangelium around Samaria- nowadays Shomron- and Jerusalem. In 43 A.C. he went to preach to Spain. After coming back, he was beheaded by the king Herodes Agrippa I. from Judea.

The death body of Santiago, Saint James, according to the myth, was shipped in a boat made of stone from Jerusalem to the west of Spain. After his execution in year 44 after Christ Death, two young men and disciples arrived in Padrón and buried the corpse in a place seventeen kilometers to the north, right now, Santiago de Compostela.

Santiago was the first martyr among the Apostles (Apostles 12, 1- 2).


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  • Reference:casa-de-casal

    The Casa de Casal is a rustic constrution and specially restored for the tourisme rural. Surrounded by 45000qm land with original trees, fruits, camelias, vegetable and flower greenhouses.This rural house...

    Desde 63 €

    63 €

    • 8
    Reference: casa-de-casal
  • Reference:costavella

    Hotel Costa Vella is, may be, the most authentic and loved hotel in Santiago de Compostela. It is at the very heart of the ancient town, only five minutes walking from cathedral. It has an Eden's garden...

    Desde 59 €

    59 €

    • 10
    Reference: costavella
  • Reference:saest01

    Our building is Santiago de de Compostela, Galicia, placed in an ancient fort. The primitive Middle Age village of Compostela was a centre that surrounded the Holy place of worship, where lie the remains...

    Desde 74 €

    74 €

    • 10
    Reference: saest01
  • Reference:25-de-julio

    The hotel 25 de Julio (25. of July - the day of the apostle) joins the sprit and philosophy of a "little-big hotel":Cosiness, hygiene, security and a family feeling is assured.Inside the hotel,...

    Desde 40 €

    40 €

    • 5
    Reference: 25-de-julio
  • Reference:hotel-casa-rosalia

    The Rosalía Hotel is more than 200 years old and is located in the middle of the A Mahia valley, where the famous poetess Rosalía de Castro was born and lived.The hotel is family run, has good service...

    Desde 40 €

    40 €

    Reference: hotel-casa-rosalia
  • Reference:elsa01

    The Casa de Costoia is a house of rural tourism at 5km from Santiago de Compostela, where either rooms or the whole house can be reserved. It has 6 double bedrooms and one individual, living room with...

    Desde 29 €

    29 €

    Reference: elsa01
  • Reference:sapaz01

    Hotel Pazo de Galegos is situated at the top of the River Ulla Valley, between Coruña and Pontevedra, around 15km from Santiago de Compostela. In 2005 the hotel was completely reformed, converting the...

    Desde 40 €

    40 €

    Reference: sapaz01
  • Reference:fosa01

    O Fogar do Selmo se encuentra en Rois, A Coruña. Es una aldea típica gallega y en pleno entorno de naturaleza, construida en las inmediaciones de lo que antiguamente fue un castro celta: Casa Rural FOGAR...

    Desde 48 €

    48 €

    Reference: fosa01
  • Reference:casa-calvo

    Casa Calvo is in a rural environment, in Piñeiro. The village comprises hardly a dozen of family houses and lodges about 30 inhabitants. Its main activities are agriculture and cattle raising.The French...

    Desde 30 €

    30 €

    Reference: casa-calvo
  • Reference:cosa01

    This beautiful and cozy countryside cottage in Santiago de Compostela,called As Seis Chemineas, Galicia, is a traditional home in this area of Spain. It is surrounded by vineyards, and fountain built...

    Desde 56 €

    56 €

    • 10
    Reference: cosa01
  • Reference:casa-do-cruceiro

    An old farming house from 1850. Originally, it was two independent houses, one for the owner and the other one for the workers, who rented the land and paid a part of the harvest for it.Its' complete...

    Desde 35 €

    35 €

    • 10
    Reference: casa-do-cruceiro
  • Reference:parsa01

    Hotel Parada de France is located in the privileged enclave of Rua de France, 9 km from Santiago de Compostela and at the foot of an ancient oak wood. The hotel offers all the comforts of a modern accommodation...

    Desde 26 €

    26 €

    • 10
    Reference: parsa01
  • Reference:jasa05

    Holiday house in the rural village of Gasamáns, which is less than 15 minutes from Santiago de Compostela. Gasamáns is within the parish of Agron, Ames, and coincides exactly with the end of the first...

    Desde 69 €

    69 €

    • 10
    Reference: jasa05
  • Reference:xan-xordo

    Here we find a typical construction style from the north of Spain. The grounds cover about 64.000 qm and have a river with a mill which creates a special atmosphere. the beautiful land also has some animals.Ca....

    Desde 45 €

    45 €

    Reference: xan-xordo
  • Reference:carril

    Desde 40 €

    40 €

    Reference: carril
  • Reference:casa15

    Desde 32 €

    32 €

    Reference: casa15
  • Reference:saalb01

    The youth hostal Fogar de Teodomiro was started by a group of friends to decided to offer a fun, economical and quality accommodaiton option to the backpackers who pass through Santiago. The hostal is...

    Desde 14 €

    14 €

    Reference: saalb01
  • Reference:real

    The hotel Real is parte of the synphony of the old town from Santiago de Compostela. It is situated nearby the cathedral in one of the most important little shopping streets (whithout cars) with bars and...

    Desde 59 €

    59 €

    Reference: real
  • Reference:altair

    The Altaïr hotel is one of the most special hotels situated in the old town of Santiago. In a very quiet and central area, you can enjoy a luxurious ambiance and forget everything.The hotel is inspired...

    Desde 131 €

    131 €

    Reference: altair
  • Reference:masa04

    Pension Badalada is situated in Santiago de Compostela, Galicia, Spain. It was inagurated in 2008, completely restored, and is locted in the historic city centre of Santiago. The holiday rental is close...

    Desde 44 €

    44 €

    • 8
    Reference: masa04
  • Reference:rosarosae

    Situated in the very heart of the commercial and business area of Santiago de Compostela and just a five minute walk from the old town. A modern building designed with comfort in mind integrates both business...

    Desde 40 €

    40 €

    • 10
    Reference: rosarosae
  • Reference:masa13

    The Pombal Hotel delights in a priviliged location 200 mts. from the "Obradoiro Square" and a step away from the florest "Paseo Da ferradura" from where you can contemplate the best panorama...

    Desde 40 €

    40 €

    Reference: masa13
  • Reference:hotel-mvalgalia

    Enjoy silence and harmony in this hotel. The principal part of the hotel was built in 1735, and is a fusion of stone and stainless steel. The hotel is situated in a central and quiet place, Plaza da Algalia,...

    Desde 33 €

    33 €

    • 6
    Reference: hotel-mvalgalia
  • Reference:as-artes

    The hotel is located in an antique stone building and has four storeys. It was completely renovated in 1999. It is 100m away from the cathedral. In Compostela they like to call it 'the house of arts'.

    Desde 45 €

    45 €

    Reference: as-artes

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