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In this page we will inform you about bus service, coach companies and the central bus station in Santiago de Compostela.

The main cities of Galicia and Spain are well connected by bus to Santiago. There is regular bus service several times a day from Compostela to Vigo, A Coruña, Pontevedra. Other villages like Ribeira, Vilagarcía de Arousa, Sanxenxo or Fisterra are also reachable by coach. The main bus companies offer a full service to reach your destination in Galicia.

The central bus station in Santiago is at Praza Baliño Camilo Díaz. It it about 20 minutes by foot from Puerta do Camiño, the French Camino entrance in the city. Praza de Galicia is about 25 minutes away, like the Cathedral. The telephone number of the central bus station is +34 981 54 24 16. You can check all the information you want related to coach travel and buses in Santiago and Galicia.

The main companies traveling to and from the city of the Apostle are:

 Buses Freire +34 981588111

 MonBus +34 902292900

Alsa + 34 981 5861 33

 Travidi +34 981 257082

You can tak a flight to Santiago de Compostela's airport, Lavacolla. There are some low-cost fly companies like EasyJet, Ryanair and Air Berlin which flight to this airport. From here you can catch a bus that will bring you to the very city center. The bus fare is 3€ one way, 5 € return. It takes about half an hour.

Alsa is the best bus company to travel from Madrid and other major cities in Spain to the capital of Galicia. There is also a regular interntation connection between Santiago and Porto's airport, Sá Carneiro, in Portugal.

Down here you can book and buy your bus ticket to this wonderful and ancient city. Book early and save some money.

Bus routes to Santiago de Compostela

Route durationOperators Daily routes First arrivalLast arrivalfrom
Geneva - Santiago de Compostela 22h 00mExportbus118:0018:00150 €
Besançon - Santiago de Compostela 1d 00h 55mExportbus117:5517:55126 €
Valence - Santiago de Compostela 23h 15mInterurbana de Autocares610:4510:45118 €
Coimbra - Santiago de Compostela 08h 30mExportbus118:1518:1545 €
Almendralejo - Santiago de Compostela 11h 50mEnatcar109:0509:0558 €
Stuttgart - Santiago de Compostela 1d 06h 40mExportbus117:5517:55140 €
Lugo - Santiago de Compostela 02h 15mInterurbana de Autocares500:3522:4513 €
Tordesillas - Santiago de Compostela 06h 45mInterurbana de Autocares304:1520:4534 €
Porto - Santiago de Compostela 02h 50mExportbus1112:5021:0534 €
La Rochelle - Santiago de Compostela 18h 30mSocitransa117:3017:30120 €
Medina de Ríoseco - Santiago de Compostela 07h 50mAlsa115:5015:5035 €
Luxembourg - Santiago de Compostela 1d 06h 00mExportbus217:3017:30150 €
Oviedo - Santiago de Compostela 04h 25mInterurbana de Autocares513:2022:2530 €
Mons - Santiago de Compostela 1d 02h 30mExportbus417:3017:30147 €
Baiona - Santiago de Compostela 13h 50mInterurbana de Autocares308:1513:3572 €
Annecy - Santiago de Compostela 1d 02h 00mExportbus217:3017:30145 €
Irun - Santiago de Compostela 13h 00mInterurbana de Autocares213:2021:4568 €
León - Santiago de Compostela 06h 15mInterurbana de Autocares122:4522:4531 €
Périgueux - Santiago de Compostela 17h 35mInterurbana de Autocares305:3005:30131 €
Villafranca del Bierzo - Santiago de Compostela 03h 05mInterurbana de Autocares701:0520:3021 €
Bielefeld - Santiago de Compostela 1d 10h 00mExportbus217:3017:30167 €
Düsseldorf - Santiago de Compostela 1d 04h 00mExportbus118:0018:00100 €
Seville - Santiago de Compostela 14h 40mDainco106:5006:5028 €
Villadangos del Páramo - Santiago de Compostela 05h 45mInterurbana de Autocares113:4513:4529 €
Sa Carneiro - Santiago de Compostela 02h 50mExportbus412:5020:2034 €
Santander - Santiago de Compostela 09h 30mInterurbana de Autocares203:3018:4051 €
Basel - Santiago de Compostela 1d 05h 10mExportbus117:5517:55160 €
San Fernando - Santiago de Compostela 16h 45mDainco109:0509:0573 €
* This information is for orientation purposes. Use our search feature to check the most current list of routes/excursions.

Bus routes from Santiago de Compostela

Route durationOperators Daily routes First departureLast departurefrom
Santiago de Compostela - Astorga 04h 15mAutocares Castilla Leon121:1021:1024 €
Santiago de Compostela - Geneva 1d 00h 16mExportbus212:0012:00145 €
Santiago de Compostela - Nîmes 23h 35mOuibus110:1510:15107 €
Santiago de Compostela - Lugo 02h 15mInterurbana de Autocares807:0021:3013 €
Santiago de Compostela - Algeciras 18h 20mDainco214:3014:4534 €
Santiago de Compostela - Lausanne 1d 01h 16mExportbus212:0012:00145 €
Santiago de Compostela - Ponferrada 03h 20mInterurbana de Autocares1007:0021:3019 €
Santiago de Compostela - Betanzos 01h 20mInterurbana de Autocares408:0021:307 €
Santiago de Compostela - Andorra 18h 00mAutocares Lazara112:0012:0070 €
Santiago de Compostela - Bilbao 10h 00mInterurbana de Autocares401:4522:1559 €
Santiago de Compostela - Gütersloh 1d 08h 45mExportbus211:3011:30172 €
Santiago de Compostela - Villafranca del Bierzo 02h 50mInterurbana de Autocares405:3022:4021 €
Santiago de Compostela - Conthey 1d 06h 15mExportbus211:3011:30157 €
Santiago de Compostela - Almuñécar 14h 35mNex Continental208:1516:4570 €
Santiago de Compostela - Ribadeo 03h 15mInterurbana de Autocares209:0018:0018 €
Santiago de Compostela - Riddes 1d 06h 00mExportbus211:3011:30157 €
Santiago de Compostela - Guitiriz 01h 45mInterurbana de Autocares508:0021:3010 €
Santiago de Compostela - Puebla de Sanabria 03h 05mDainco208:4016:1018 €
Santiago de Compostela - Ribadesella 08h 00mInterurbana de Autocares118:0018:0042 €
Santiago de Compostela - Dijon 23h 40mExportbus117:3017:30128 €
Santiago de Compostela - Luarca 04h 00mInterurbana de Autocares209:0018:0022 €
Santiago de Compostela - Barcelona 17h 55mAlsa205:4505:4580 €
Santiago de Compostela - Fátima 07h 15mExportbus112:0012:0045 €
Santiago de Compostela - Baiona 11h 25mExportbus405:4505:4574 €
Santiago de Compostela - Strasbourg 1d 04h 25mExportbus112:4512:45145 €
Santiago de Compostela - Tours 17h 25mExportbus123:4523:4592 €
Santiago de Compostela - Braga 02h 05mExportbus410:0017:3034 €
Santiago de Compostela - Stuttgart 1d 07h 21mExportbus112:0012:00137 €
Santiago de Compostela - Porto 04h 49mExportbus1108:1519:1034 €
* This information is for orientation purposes. Use our search feature to check the most current list of routes/excursions.


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